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A Hands-On Approach to Web
We like to deal with local businesses for a number of reasons. We feel that Montreal is a world-class city and the businesses in Montreal should be promoted as such. That's why we try to focus our efforts on building up local companies and giving them a global platform to show off their services. There's also no substitute for sitting down with a client and discussing their web needs face-to-face over a cup of coffee. We have built our business right here in town and when we take on a client, we look for companies that we can grow with over years of working together.

Our local reputation is our business and you can't beat dealing with local professionals who are just a phone call or short drive away. By being here in town and dealing with Montreal businesses, we can give you the opportunities to meet directly with our designers, photographers and programmers.

The local talent in Montreal is also second to none. Often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the North, Montreal is a world leader in tech and design talent. Home to major gaming companies, marketing firms, design and programming houses, Montreal is a playground for new media.

Marketing Yourself Properly
Over the last few years we have recognized the importance of web-marketing and SEO and have adjust our programming accordingly. Though we are not SEO experts, over the years our clients' sites have done extremely well in search engine rankings. The reason for this is because we consult our SEO partners regularly and try to keep up with the best programming practices to ensure that our sites are naturally ranked well. We integrate search engine friendly urls in our content and inventory management systems and make sure that our clients are informed about what works and what doesn't when posting new content.

We take extreme steps to make sure that our templates are up to standards and that the generated content is properly tagged and coded. We make sure that the pages generated by our inventory management and e-commerce systems are properly named. We do what we can on the coding end to make sure that our SEO partners have an easy time marketing our clients' sites.

Beyond SEO and PayPer Click
So you've done everything you can to market your new site and drive traffic to your pages. Now what? How do you convert those visitors in clients? How do you make sure that people want to scroll through your site and take action to purchase your services and products?

Part of our custom design strategy is to make sure that we implement some sort call to action to ensure that visitors know to check out your services and products. The sites are designed to be easy to navigate and more importantly, to effectively market your products. Our management systems make is easy to link relevant products and add-ons to product listings to ensure that visitors have an easy time buying from your site.

Another important fact about our code is that it loads quickly. We develop and build our software on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) infrastucture to ensure speed and stability. LAMP is quickly becoming the web standard and is readily available with most major hosting companies. This means that you are not tied down to a specific host.

When you bring all these elements together, the result is that you end up with a website that will point your visitors in the right direction and hopefully translate simple web hits into real-world sales.

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